Brother Nathaniel Grossmann

Born: Cleveland, Ohio, November 28, 1949

Professed: September 1, 1969

For many years Br. Nathaniel shared his love of the English language and its literature with students in the academy.  At various times, Br. Nathaniel has served the monastic community as the choir master, postulant master, novice master, junior master, subprior, and prior.  Currently, his efforts are concentrated on improving the life of the monastic community in ways both large and small.  His meticulous work as assistant sacristan includes beautiful floral arrangements for the sanctuary and the choir chapel.  He composes music and lyrics for the daily liturgy, and spends time caring for the dozens of houseplants that enhance both the abbey church and the monastery.  Br. Nathaniel is also oblate director, helping laypeople access the spiritual riches of the Benedictine tradition.  An avid reader, he is rarely found without a book in hand, with subjects ranging from fine art to sacred scripture to poetry.

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