E-mail & Phone Directory

If you wish to send an e-mail message to one of the monks listed below, then click on the appropriate name.  If you wish to use a monk’s extension number, then dial the main switchboard number 815-223-3140 and dial the appropriate extension number after listening to the automated prompts.  If you wish to bypass the automated prompts, then dial the monk’s direct phone number.

Name Direct Dial   Extension
Abbot Philip Davey (Vocations Director) 815-250-0341 298
Prior Michael Calhoun 815-250-0702 237
Subprior Dominic Garramone 815-250-0708 246
Father Ronald Margherio 815-250-0286 238
Father Harold Datzman 815-223-0718 226
Brother Nathaniel Grossmann (Oblate Director) 815-250-0709 233
Father Patrick Fennell (Candle maker & Guest master) 815-250-0705 207
Brother Luke McLachlan 815-250-0280 245
Brother Robert Pondant (Currently away) 815-250-0282 259
Father Gregory Jarzombek 815-250-0277 235
Brother David Freeman 815-250-0706 278
Brother Markus Dicosola 815-250-0281 280

Driving directions:

St. Bede Abbey
24 West U.S. Hwy Six
Peru, IL 61354

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  1. If you are traveling on Interstate 80 West, then one uses Exit 75, marked Illinois 251/Mendota-Peru
  2. At the top of the exit ramp, turn LEFT.
  3. You will be heading SOUTH on Route 251.  You will remain on this road for about three miles going STRAIGHT at four stop lights.
  4. Get into the right-hand lane after the second stop light.
  5. Shortly after the fourth stop light is the exit for Route Six WEST/Spring Valley.  The right-hand lane becomes the exit for Route Six.
  6. At the top of the exit ramp, merge LEFT into traffic on Route Six.
  7. Follow this road going straight at 2 sets of stoplights.
  8. At the third set of stoplights, turn LEFT into St. Bede.
  9. If one is traveling on Interstate 80 East, then one uses Exit 75, marked Illinois 251/Mendota-Peru.  At the top of the exit ramp, turn RIGHT and follow the directions given for one who is traveling on Interstate 80 West.
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