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Never swerving from his [the Lord’s] instructions, then, but faithfully observing his teaching in the monastery until death, we shall through patience share in the sufferings of Christ that we may deserve also to share in his kingdom.  Amen.     -Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue 50

When a monk dies, a death notice is sent to all the monasteries of the American Cassinese Congregation of which St. Bede Abbey is a member.  Each monastery remembers the deceased monk in their prayers for thirty days.  At St. Bede when a confrere dies, we mention his name for thirty days in the daily remembrance of the deceased of our Congregation.  For this thirty-day period, his place in the refectory is marked with a crucifix and candles, which are lighted during the evening meal.  On the 3rd, 7th, and 30th day after a confrere’s death and on the first anniversary of his death a concelebrant is designated to offer Mass for him.  On every anniversary of a confrere’s death a brief obituary is read at supper as a way to remember him and to pray for him.

Recent Death Notices


Brother George Matsuoka


Father Matthew Mazzuchelli


Father Gabriel Bullock
Father Ambrose Hessling


Abbot emeritus Roger Corpus
Brother Anthony Shaughnessy


Father Arthur Schmit
Abbot emeritus Claude Peifer
Father Henry Fritz


Father Joseph Heyd


Abbot emeritus Marion Balsavich
Father Kevin Gorman


Father James Murray
Father Bernard Horzen


Father Stephen Souse

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