All Souls Remembrance

Dear Friends of St. Bede,

This has been one of the strangest years of my life.  With the Coronavirus the likelihood of sickness leading to illness and death seems very real.  Everyone in the world is impacted to some extent.  The monks and I are quarantined most of the time as we are all 50 or over.  We have grown to accept these limits. With the pandemic in mind, it is easy to remember the admonition of St. Benedict to keep death daily before our eyes. I have come to realize that this statement is really about living life fully. In his Rule, St. Benedict calls us to run on the path of God’s commands, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love. Our faith in God’s mercy and forgiveness is a source of great consolation and encouragement. While we are now parted from our deceased loved ones, we trust that we will be reunited with them.  May our faith in Christ strengthen and console us!

During November the monks at St. Bede join the church in praying for our deceased monks and friends. All submitted requests will be placed in the Abbey Choir Chapel to remind the monks to pray for your loved ones.  

May your faith console you, and your prayers unite you to your loved ones.

Sincerely yours,


Abbot Philip Davey, OSB ’65 

All are welcome to join the monks for daily Mass either in person or through our live broadcasted Mass.

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