All Souls Remembrance


Dear Friends of St. Bede,

In the past year, Fr. Ambrose and Fr. Matthew completed their journeys home to the God who created them and now they will have the joy of eternal life with God. With the death of eleven monks during my 5 years as Abbot the reality of death has become more real to me.  I have come to deeply appreciate the gifts and faith of my fellow monks and so the pain of losing those whom I loved is more profound.  In the Prologue to the Rule, St. Benedict calls us to run on the path of God’s commands with the inexpressible delight of love.  We believe that death opens the door to eternal life and joy with God and all the saints.  Our faith in God’s mercy and forgiveness is a source of great consolation. While we are now parted from our loved ones, we trust that we will be reunited with them.  May our faith in Christ strengthen and console all of us!

During November the monks at St. Bede join the church in praying for the deceased loved ones by offering several masses to commemorate deceased monks and friends. We invite you to submit the names of your deceased relatives and friends by completing the “All Souls Remembrance” online form. All requests will be placed in the Abbey Choir Chapel to remind us to pray for your loved ones.  Kindly remember our deceased monks of St. Bede Abbey in your prayers.

May your faith console you, and your prayer unite you to your loved ones.

Sincerely yours,

Abbot Philip Davey, OSB, Vice President of Mission Advancement

All are welcome to join the monks for daily Mass either in person or through our live broadcasted Mass.

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